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Learning Academies

Get full access to our academy that will equip you with knowledge and guidance for you to access the right information allowing you to take full advantage of the largest financial markets in the world.

Elite Academy

get full access to the FRX, HFX, and DCX academies, Live mentorship, and strategies that will empower you with the ability to take full advantage of several of the largest financial markets in the world. this is for the individuals that are serious about building a more meaningful life and investing in their financial education. you will be equipped with the knowledge, guidance, and develop the skillsets to be in control of your financial success.

$324.95 ENROLLMENT      $274.95 MONTHLY

FRX Academy

get full access to the academy, live mentorship, strategies, and everything you need to know to start taking full advantage of the 5.3 trillion foreign exchange markets. there’s no prior experience with foreign exchange needed, you will learn the basics, intermediate, and advanced level training that will equip you with the knowledge and skillsets to take full advantage of the foreign exchange market.

$234.95 ENROLLMENT      $174.95 MONTHLY

HFT Academy

 this academy will expose you to HFT systems that use algorithms to analyse markets and spot emerging trends in a fraction of a second. high frequency markets consisting of different currencies, indicies, bonds, metals, & stocks. Get easy to follow trade ideas for the markets sent to your phone. Never miss an opportunity to make a profit.

$234.95 ENROLLMENT      $174.95 MONTHLY

DCX Academy

equip yourself with the education to take advantage of the digital currency markets – one of the largest financial markets growing towards 1 trillion. what’s unique? this market operates 24/7, quickly shaping the way stores and merchants that now accept digital currencies to conduct business. learn how this market operates, the different types of digital currencies, and how to gain a solid working knowledge of using digital currencies safely everyday.

$234.95 ENROLLMENT      $174.95 MONTHLY

Live Mentorship

Explore the global markets and expand your learning with live mentorship that will accelerate your growth and achieve excellence with exclusive training from a team of master educators committed to your success. supplement your learning with mentorship & guidance designed around your busy life & schedule with over 100 fulltime educators. This educational platform is designed to take anyone from complete newbie to learning straight from the experts that have over 20+ years’ experience.


expand your learning & mentorship with simple unique strategies that can make it much easier to understand the markets. Get to know unique strategies that will equip with the right approach and method to profit in the largest financial markets in the world. You will be provided with a wealth of exclusive education in the forex markets helping you identify potential reversals in the market, giving you powerful insight & analysis for opportunities to earn. We will grant you access to real time trade ideas, market analysis and simplified education sent straight to your phone from an educator with over 11 years of experience. 

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